People do judge books by their cover.

And a company by their website... especially how it looks. You only have one chance to make a first impression– so your website should look and work well, and represent who you are and what you do equally well. It is the first time anyone meets your company. It is very similar to the receptionist of a company: they are the first person a client meets, and so they must represent your company accurately, as well as the reception room and all that is in it. This is now the case in the web space. Your client's first impression of your company is your corporate website. It has better look great.

Below are some of the websites I have worked on.

I have designed more than 30 websites, and also built most of them. I have created the look and feel for many companies, based on their products, personality, and mission; sometimes based on their very storefront! I have also designed websites and display ads following a company's established branding guidelines. I have built for small businesses, startups, artists, large corporations, and personal projects. I can build a static, responsive HTML/CSS website, customize a WordPress site, or get your Shopify or Squarespace store up and running. I used to create in Flash, but as VHS went, so went Flash... into the annals of history. I had a really good run with it.